Great New Find!

I had the pleasure of going to Chicago Wordcamp 2014 where I learned more than I could ever imagined – not only from the speakers but also from people I met.

ID-100151829I met a lady that has been building websites for 15 years and she told me about all the tools she was using to build and manage her sites. One of the softwares she mentioned got my attention – it’s called InfiniteWP. This software allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one location. I did a little research, installed the software and started using it right away.

I had several questions when I first started using the software and decided to try out their support ticket system. They answered my questions in less than 24 hours and they were extremely thorough! This is a very important factor to me when deciding to use a company.

I did compare InfiniteWP to ManageWP and found InfiniteWP to be more cost effective and easier to use. That paired with the great customer service won me over! I am thrilled to see how InfiniteWP can make my life easier!

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